We Invest in HR

We have an excellent team

As a progressive company, we invest in strong team in many ways
  • Passionate and committed to the future of wells Oil Ltd, our people are able to make a contribution to shaping how we work, live and engage with our communities to build long term sustainable growth.

  • We think and act like business owners and we are in the business of serving our client. We move swiftly expect to win and exercise care in everything we do.

  • We strive to empower our staff with an understanding that empowered employees have an increased sense of ownership.

  • We provide a supportive work environment, flexible working conditions, an extensive learning and development program and competitive remuneration package and commitment to professional development.

  • As an equal opportunity employer, we also provide specific workplace programs supporting diversity and equal employment opportunities for women, disabled people and all tribes.

  • We hold safety and integrity as a core personal commitment.

The foundation of our success is simple. We have a dedicated staff based at our outlets supplying quality products at competitive prices characterized by real commitment, understanding, meeting and often exceeding the needs and requirements of customers.

Best Selling Products

Unleaded premium
Low Sulphur Automotive diesel
Liquefied Petroleum Gas